Welcome to the First to Journal Club.

My storycatching materials change lives. Your input helps make it happen!

I believe everyone has a story that matters. It's my privilege to create meaningful products that help people of all ages celebrate their stories, nurture deeper relationships, and discover greater joy and gratitude. Storycatching is my passion.

You can help.

Join me and like-minded folks in the First to Journal Club. You can opt to receive copies of my books and products, and—yahoo!—the club is totally free. It's easy, too. You choose the items you're interested in. I send them over and invite you to write a short review to express your honest feedback. Reviews aren't required. They're just one of the most powerful ways you can guide online shoppers to the resources they need.

In First to Storycatch Club, you gain beautiful, introspective knowledge, and the world gains the benefit of your good thinking.

Welcome to the club.

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